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Copyright Registration confers upon its owner sole rights to copy or reproduce the work or grant permission to another to do so. The applies to literary (books, scripts, even software) and audio-visual (music, photographs, movies) works.

Business entities often copyright instruction manuals, product literature and user guides. Copyright is usually owned by the creator of the work, but may also be owned by the employer of its creator or the person who has commissioned the work (unless there is an agreement to the contrary in either case). Copyrights are also transferrable.

Documents Required for Copyright Registration


    • Name, Address & Nationality of the Applicant
      For example: Ramesh K., NLSIU Sta Quarters, Nagarbhavi P.O. Box 7201, Bengaluru – 560024, INDIAN
    • Nature of the Applicant’s Interest in the Copyright
      State whether the applicant is the author of the work or the representative of the author.


  • Class & Description of the Work
    Literary or artistic work, for example
  • Title of the Work
    In case of a website, give the URL of the website
  • Language of the Work
    Whether English or Hindi, or any combination of languages
  • If Published, the Date of Publication
    Publication in internal magazines, like a company magazine or a research paper submitted to a professor does not count as publication.

Copyright Registration Process


Our representatives will ask for basic details based on the work you want to copyright. You will also need to send us 3 copies of your unique content on a CD and a signed authorisation letter (we will mail this to you).


Our experts will then prepare the application. We will le the necessary forms with the Registrar of Copyrights electronically at the office in Delhi.


On completion of the copyright application, you will receive a diary number. Registration will take 12 months from this day. During this time, we may be asked for some clarifications on the same (if this is on account of an error of yours, it will cost a further Rs. 1500). Our representatives will inform you of the changes in the status of your application throughout. In case of an objection to your application, from interested parties or the examiner, you would need to file a response within 45 days.

Advantages of Copyright Registration

Legal Protection

Creators of original works always enjoy legal protection when their work is reproduced without authorisation. Copyright Registration, however, makes it much easier to protect this original work against infringement.

Market Presence

By registering a copyright, a public record of your work is created and a proof of ownership is established for your creative work. It can also be used in marketing and for building goodwill in the mind of the customer.

Rights of the Owner

The owner of a copyright has the rights over reproduction, dissemination, adaptation and translation of the work. There could be slight variations in the composition of the rights depending on the work.

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